In this plan we try to help you maintain optimum health by giving you periodical Homeopathic medicine, supplements, etc so that all the organs and systems in the body work properly and healthily, thus helping to avoid having disease or illness.

Medicines, supplements etc will be given to promote health of Circulatory system, Digestive system, Respiratory system, Genito Urinary system, Nervous system, Locomotor system, etc.

This will be a one year plan.
Patient will have to visit about once a month.
Cost of this plan will be $ 2000/-
Payment will be as -
1st visit - $ 300
2nd visit in 2nd month - $ 300
3rd visit in 3rd month - $ 300
4th visit in 4th month - $ 300
Then every subsequent months $ 100.
Any acute illness during this 1 year period will be treated without any extra cost.